Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Master of Computer Application (MCA):

MCA, or Master of Computer Application, is a two-year post-graduate degree programme that offers in-depth knowledge about digital technologies, computers, and applications. It prepares graduate students for productive careers in the software industry and academia. The programme offers the conceptual and practical skill set to understand new technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, etc. It lays emphasis on planning, designing, and building of complex commercial application software and system software. Upon completing the MCA programme, graduates are presented with numerous career options in the fields of software development, hardware technology, systems development, engineering, troubleshooting, management information systems, internet, and networking. Since there is no other college offering MCA programme within a radius of 30 KM, it makes Gandhi Memorial National College a unique and unparalleled institution to offer job potential to future MCA graduates.