Department of Zoology

Zoology course offers an amalgamation of understanding the animal world by using molecular and systems biology approaches. It provides an opportunity for students to deeply enrich their knowledge and study diversifications of Zoology such as Animal Biodiversity, Genetics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Aquaculture, Pest Management, Ecology and Environment Management. The Department has also run add-on/ certificate courses such as Environment and Sustainability, Economic Zoology and Biotechniques which introduce students to the current concepts, practices and goals of the respective disciplines. Here, classroom teaching is supplemented with regular seminars, workshops and educational excursions to various research institutes, and zoological parks to provide in-depth knowledge, hands-on training and interaction with eminent scientists. Graduates in the subject can opt for Indian Forest Service (IFS), post-graduation in basic life science courses such as Zoology, Life-Sciences, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Toxicology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology as well as applied biological courses such as Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Entomology, Forest and Wild-life, Pharmaceutical sciences etc. The Departmental Biological Association organizes several academic activities such as lectures by esteemed scientists, debates, quizzes and visits to various institutions, Zoological parks and other sites. Faculty members are dedicated and highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization and play an instrumental role in shaping the career of the students by their expert guidance.

Activities Zoology Department

Session 2017-18

  • One day Science Awareness Program in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak chapter on 10.02.2018
  • One-day National Seminar on “Emerging Trends and Challenges in Biosciences” sponsored by DHE on 10.03.2018.
  • One day educational trip to Government Fish Breeding Farm, Jansui, Ambala on 30.03.2018 One
  • Educational trip to Shabad Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd. On 31.03.2018

Session 2018-19

  • One day National Seminar on “Science of Ayurveda: Possibilities and Challenges” on 05.11.2018
  • One day Science Awareness Program in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak chapter on 31.01.2019
  • One day educational trip to Government Fish Breeding Farm, Jansui, Ambala on 02.04.2019

Session 2019-20

  • One day workshop on Food adulteration and antibiotic susceptibility in collaboration with ACE & AR, Mithapur, Ambala on 09.08.2019
  • Organized community outreach program “Awareness on misuse of CFCs in collaboration with Government Sr. Sec. School, Babyal, Ambala Cantt on 28.08.2019
  • Celebrated Ozone Day and Organized poster making and slogan writing competition on 16.09.2019
  • Conducted community outreach activity “One-day health Awareness and dental check-up” in collaboration with Farooka Khalsa sr sec school, Ambala Cantt on 30.09.2019
  • Visit the botanical garden in G.M.N College on 22.10.2019
  • Organized outreach activity “Awareness on greenhouse effect” in collaboration with Farooka khalsa school on 23.10.2019
  • One day National Seminar on Challenges to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development sponsored by DHE on 13.12.2019
  • Organized online inter college state-level Covid-19 competition on 07.06.2020

Session 2020-21

  • Organized extension lecture cum zoological museum visit on topic Evolution of Human on 05.01.2021
  • Organized Environment youth forum 2021 on the theme paryavaran chetna and sustainability on 12.01.2021
  • Conducted online inter college state level competition on 08.02.2021
  • Conducted National webinar in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak chapter on 25.02.2021
  • Conducted online international webinar on ancient science of Ayurveda on 22.02.2021

Session 2021-22

  • Celebrated World Ozone day on 16.09.2021.
  • Organized Outreach activity on Disaster Management on 13.10.2021.
  • Organized Nation Environment Youth Parliament- 2022 on 05.01.2022.
  • Organized Intercollegiate E-Poster Competition in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak Chapter on 08.02.2022.
  • On the occasion of International Day of Women & Girls in Science organized National Webinar on Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak Chapter on 11.02.2022.
  • On the occasion of World Water Day, 2022 organized a webinar on Water Resource Management in Hard Rock Terrain in collaboration with ISCA, Rohtak Chapter on 22.03.2022.

  • Dr. Shikha Jaggi

    Shikha Jaggi and Abhay Singh Yadav. Distribution of ABO and Rh (d) allele frequency among four endogamous populations of Haryana.

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  • Dr. Shikha Jaggi

  • DesignationAssistant Professor
  • QualificationPhd, M.SC, JRF, GATE
  • SpecializationHuman Cytogenetics
  • Experience More than 02 years
  • Email
  • Contact No 8813862518
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