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Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian Theses

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Theses and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source of research work that does not find its way into various publication channels. Theses and dissertations remain an untapped and under-utilized asset, leading to unnecessary duplication and repetition that, in effect, is the antitheses of research and wastage of huge resources, both human and financial.

The UGC Notification (Minimum Standards & Procedure for Award of M.Phil. / PhD Degree, Regulation, 2009 Amendment made on 2016) dated 5th May 2016 mandates submission of the electronic version of theses and dissertations by the researchers in universities with an aim to facilitate open access to Indian theses and dissertations to the academic community worldwide. Online availability of electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories, not only ensure easy access and archiving of Indian doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research. This would overcome the serious problem of duplication of research and poor quality resulting from the "poor visibility" and the "unseen" factor in research output. As per the Regulation, the responsibility of hosting, maintaining and making the digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertation (called "Shodhganga"), accessible to all institutions and universities, is assigned to the INFLIBNET Centre.

"Shodhganga" is the name coined to denote the digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations set up by the INFLIBNET Centre. The word "Shodh" originates from Sanskrit and stands for research and discovery. The "Ganga" is the holiest, largest and longest of all rivers in the Indian subcontinent. The Ganga is the symbol of India's age-long culture and civilisation, everchanging, ever-flowing, ever-loved and revered by its people, and has held India's heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. Shodhganga stands for the reservoir of Indian intellectual output stored in a repository hosted and maintained by the INFLIBNET Centre.

The Shodhganga@INFLIBNET is set up using an open-source digital repository software called DSpace developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in partnership with Hewlett- Packard (HP). The DSpace uses internationally recognized protocols and interoperability standards. Shodhganga provides a platform for research scholars to deposit their PhD theses and make them available to the entire scholarly community in open access. The repository has the ability to capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) submitted by the researchers.

Shodhganga is an Open Access Repository of full-text theses submitted to universities in India. Membership is not required to browse, view, search and download theses available in Shodhganga. However, INFLIBNET signs MoUs with universities so as to facilitate the submission of the electronic version of theses into Shodhganga and synopses/approved research proposals into Shodhgangotri. The eligible universities that sign MoUs with INFLIBNET Centre on Shodhganga are provided access to anti-plagiarism software. Colleges are not eligible for this benefit. (Details are available at

About ShodhGangotri, INFLIBNET Centre

ShodhGangotri: Repository of Indian Research in Progress

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The word “Shodh” originates from Sanskrit and stands for “research and discovery”. “Gangotri” is one of the largest glaciers in the Himalayas and the source of origination of the Ganges, the holiest, longest and largest of rivers in India. The Ganges is the symbol of age-long culture, civilization, ever-aging, ever-flowing, ever-loving and loved by its people.

Under the initiative called “ShodhGangotri”, research scholars/research supervisors in universities are requested to deposit an electronic version of the approved synopsis submitted by research scholars to the universities for registering themselves for the Ph.D programme Now it is expanded to MRPs/PDFs/ Emeritus Fellowship, etc. The repository on one hand would reveal the trends and directions of research being conducted in Indian universities, on the other hand, it would avoid duplication of research. Synopsis in “ShodhGangotri” would later be mapped to full-text theses in "ShodhGanga". As such, once the full-text thesis is submitted for a synopsis, a link to the full-text theses would be provided from ShodhGangotri to "ShodhGanga"

ShodhGangotri: Repository of Indian Research in Progress details (Synopses/Research Proposals for PhD programme with MRPs/PDFsEmeritus Fellowship)

About e-PG Pathshala

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e-PG Pathshala is an initiative of the MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) being executed by the UGC. The content and its quality being the key component of education

system, high quality, curriculum-based, interactive e-content in 70 subjects across all disciplines of social sciences, arts, fine arts and humanities, natural & mathematical sciences

e-Adhyayan (e-Books)

e-Adhyayan is a platform to provide 700+ e-Books for Post-Graduate Courses. All the e-Books are derived from e-PG Pathshala courses. It also facilitates a play-list of video content.

UGC MOOCs (Online Courses)

UGC-MOOCs is one of the verticals to produce courses on Post Graduate subjects in SWAYAM (Online Courses, An MHRD initiatives). UGC is one of the national coordinators of SWAYAM & INFLIBNET is a technical partner for UGC-MOOCs.

e-Pathya (Offline Access)

e-Pathya is one of the verticals of e-PG Pathshala which is a software-driven course/content package that facilitates students pursuing higher education (PG level) in distance learning as well as a campus learning mode. it also facilitates offline access.


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The INFLIBNET Centre has developed a web-based interface called "Vidya-Mitra: Integrated e-Content Portal" for all e-content projects, developed/funded under the National Mission of Education through ICT. There are more than 50 projects on e-content under NME-ICT which are developed/being developed in various subject disciplines (science, arts, engineering, social science, etc) through various Indian institutes/universities/colleges

About Vidya-Mitra

Vidya-Mitra is an online learning portal for all the e-content projects developed under the NME-ICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology), MHRD. The portal provides a facility to search and browse all hosted content wherein a learner can easily access the desired material including audio/video learning material, textual material, multimedia-enriched materials, etc. through a single interface. Moreover, features of faceted search, usage statistics, project-wise access, My-Space are incorporated in this portal.


National Mission on Education through Information and Communication and Technology (NMEICT) is an ambitious project undertaken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India with a view to seamlessly providing quality educational content to all the eligible and willing learners in India. It has envisaged content and connectivity as the twin pedals for initiating and accelerating ICT-enabled Higher Education.

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