From the Principal’s Desk

I extend warm greetings as we reflect on the illustrious seven-decade history of Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala Cantt. Our institution stands as a beacon of higher learning, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, and fostering intellectual and academic excellence, vibrant curricular activities, outreach initiatives, and civic engagement.

Gandhi Memorial National College holds a distinguished position in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, with students consistently achieving top positions in academics, sports, NCC, and NSS. The college is adept at integrating evolving teaching-learning methodologies, emphasizing internet and communication technology to adapt to the dynamic global education landscape.

Our commitment to excellence, national pride, and human values forms the foundation for cultivating a conducive work culture, enabling students to emerge as productive individuals. Acknowledging past accomplishments, our academic strategy focuses on continual improvement, aspiring to reach new heights each year.

In line with our commitment to intellectual excellence, we are proud to introduce the BCA (Artificial Intelligence) program, demonstrating our dedication to cutting-edge education. Additionally, in addressing industry needs, we are preparing to launch MBA & MCA - Four Years Integrated Course, providing a comprehensive blend of managerial and technological skills for leadership roles.

In this knowledge-driven global era, G.M.N. College embraces resilience, confident in our ability to succeed while remaining grounded in humility. As we navigate the journey of knowledge, let us be mindful of the profound Success Sutra:


"If you have knowledge, what do you lack? If you lack knowledge, what do you have?"

May this mantra inspire and guide us in our relentless pursuit of academic and personal growth.


Wishing you continued success and fulfillment in your educational endeavors.



Dr. Rohit Dutt


Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala Cantt