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The Project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)”, provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through the server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre. The authorized users from colleges can now access e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher’s website once they are duly authenticated as authorized users through servers deployed at the INFLIBNET Centre.


The Consortium subscribes to the following resources for the colleges. All electronic resources subscribed under N-LIST Programme are available from the publisher’s Web site.

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E-Journals (Full text)


American Institute of Physics

18 titles

Cambridge Books Online

1800 titles

Annual Reviews

33 titles


185000+ titles

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)

1 title

EBSCoHost-Net Library

936 titles

Indian Journals

180+ titles

Hindustan Book Agency

65+ titles

Institute of Physics

46 titles

Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS) Books

382+ titles


2500+ titles

Oxford Scholarship

1402+ titles

Oxford University Press

262 titles

Springer eBooks

2300 titles

Royal Society of Chemistry

29 titles

Sage Publication eBooks

1000 titles

H. W. Wilson

3000+ titles

Taylor Francis eBooks

1800 titles

Cambridge University Press

224 titles (2010-2016)

Myilibrary-McGraw Hill

1124 titles



South Asia Archive [through NDL]



World e-Books Library [Now Available through NDL only]

Pearson E-Library

To Access the Subscribed E-Books from Pearson please Click on the Following Link and log in with your User ID and Password created by you while setup the Login Account through Access Code Provided by the Library. If you do not have a login account then Please approach your library for the Library Access Code which will be used while creating an account in Pearson E-library and then create an account by clicking on the link given below.

Click Here to create an account & Access the Pearson E-Library: ELIBRARY.IN.PEARSON.COM

CLICK HERE to download the User Manual

(Pearson e-Library  Android App is also available, download from Play Store)

After Successfully Log in on Pearson E-Library, You will be able to Remote Access and read the following E-Books:

Sr No ISBN Author   Title Sub Subject EDN
1 9781322641300 Bhardwaj Biochemistry for Lifesciences Biochemistry 1
2 9781292077413 Smith;Smith Elements of Ecology, Global Edition Ecology 9
3 9781292235196 Madigan, Michael T.; Bender, Kelly S.; Buckley, Daniel H.; Sattley, W. Matthew; Stahl, David A. Brock Biology of Microorganisms, Global Edition General Biology 15
4 9781292108933 Klug;Cummings;Spencer Essentials of Genetics, Global Edition Genetics 9
5 9781282652354 Khan Elements of Immunology, The Immunology 1
6 9781299445192 Malathi Molecular Biology Molecular & Cell Biology 1
7 9781292038773 Moyes;Schulte Principles of Animal Physiology Animal Science/Zoology 2
8 9781292072661 Chaisson;McMillan Astronomy Today, Global Edition Astronomy 8
9 9789332576186 Goldstein Classical Mechanics, 3e Classical/Quantum Mechanics 3
10 9781282652453 Sharma Atomic and Nuclear Physics Intermediate Physics 1
11 9789353942595 Hecht Optics, 5e Optics 5
12 9781292057538 Hewitt Conceptual Physics Physics Fundamentals 12
13 9781282701823 Pandey Course in Physics 5: Electromagnetism & Modern Physics Physics Fundamentals 1
14 9781282701809 Pandey Course in Physics 3: Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics Physics Fundamentals 1
15 9781299486508 Singh Solid State Physics Solid State Physics 1
16 9789353942083 Kumar Europe Ka Itihaas, 1450-1789, Vol.1 (Hindi) History 1
17 9789353944179 Kumar Europe Ka Itihas 1789--1950 Vol.2 (Hindi) History 1
18 9789353942144 Rahees Singh Adhunik Bharat (1707-1857) History 1
19 9789353942151 Rahees Singh Adhunik Bharat 1 ( 1857-1964) History 1
20 9789353942236 Rahees Singh Madhyakalin Bharat Mughal History 1
21 9789353942229 Rahees Singh Madhyakalin Bharat Delhi Sultanat History 1
22 9789332584723 Upinder Singh History of Ancient India (Hindi) History 1
23 9789332569966 Upinder Singh A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India : From the Stone Age to the 12th Century History 1
24 9781292051741 Artin Algebra Algebra 2
25 9789332540842 Saikia Linear Algebra Algebra 2
26 9781299445598 ITL ESL Complex Analysis Complex Analysis 1
27 9781299958555 Nagle;Saff;Snider Fundamentals of Differential Equations Differential Equations 8
28 9781282701731 Choubey Vectors and 3-D Coordinate Geometry Geometry 1
29 9781292079882 Bittinger;Penna Basic College Maths with Early Integers, Global Edition Mathematics 3
30 9781292095196 Croft Foundation Maths Mathematics 6
31 9781299447561 Karunakaran Real Analysis Real Analysis 1
32 9781292036786 Munkres Topology Topology 2
33 9789332535664 Mendham Vogel’s Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 6e Analytical Chemistry 6
34 9789353949068 Svehla Vogel’s Qualitative Inorganic Analysis, 7e  Analytical Chemistry 7
35 9789332528499 Huheey / Medhi Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity Inorganic Chemistry 4
36 9781292034003 Miessler;Fischer;Tarr Inorganic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry 5
37 9789332535596 Morrison Organic Chemistry, 7e Organic Chemistry 7
38 9781292151113 Wade;Simek Organic Chemistry, Global Edition Organic Chemistry 9
39 9789353948825 ENGEL PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Physical Chemistry 3
40 9781299444683 Ganguly Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry 2
41 9789332585652 Levine Quantum Chemistry, 7e Physical Chemistry 7
42 9781299955066 Rajaram Chemical Thermodynamics: Classical, Statistical and Irreversible Physical Chemistry 1
43 9789353948610 Russell Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3e Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3
44 9781299954878 ITL ESL Fundamentals of Computer Prog an IT Computer Fundamentals- Express Learning 1
45 9781292061825 Comer Computer Networks and Internets, Global Edition Computer Networks 6
46 9789332526518 Date / Kannan An Introduction to Database Systems, 8e Database Systems 8
47 9781299445697 Srinivasan Web Technology Internet/Web Programming 1
48 9789332578135 Goel; Mittal Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C (RMK) IT Fundamentals 1
49 9781299446052 Kamthane; Kamal Computer Programming and IT IT Fundamentals 1
50 9780273775591 Baase Gift of Fire, A :Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet Web Technology 4
51 9789390325504 Anastasi Psychological Testing, 7e Psychology 7
52 9789390168828 Aronson Social Psychology, 10e Psychology 10
53 9781299960701 Feldman Life Span Development: A Topical Approach Psychology 2
54 9781292157962 Feldman, Robert S Development Across the Life Span, Global Edition Psychology 8
55 9781292003115 Gillibrand;Lam;O'Donnell Developmental Psychology Psychology 2
56 9781292073774 Kail Children and their Development, Global Edition Psychology 7
57 9781283333986 Mercer; Clayton Psychology Express: Social Psychology Psychology 1
58 9781299447455 Misra;Cornelissen;Verma Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 2 : Practical Applications Psychology 1
59 9781299447141 Misra;Cornelissen;Verma Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 1 : Theories and Concepts Psychology 1
60 9789332504295 Pathak Uccha Siksha Manovigyan (Hindi) Psychology 1
61 9789353940461 Robert A. Baron Psychology 5th Edition Psychology 5
62 9789353942298 Singh Vyavaharik Manovigyan (Hindi) Psychology 1
63 9781299446120 Bhushan; Sachdeva Fundamentals of Sociology Sociology 1
64 9781282768727 Abbas Indian Government and Politics Political Science 1
65 9781299445611 Abbas; Kumar Political Theory Political Science 1
66 9789353940560 Abhay Prasad Singh Constitutional Government and Democracy in India, 1e Political Science 1
67 9789353941970 Bhargava Rajneeti Siddhanta: Ek Parichay (Hindi) Political Science 1
68 9788131795613 Bhargava / Acharya Political Theory: An Introduction, 2e Political Science 2
69 9789353063351 Chatterjee International Relations Today, 2/e Political Science 2
70 9781292070889 Jervis;Art International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues, Global Edition Political Science 12
71 9781299487369 Jha Political Science Political Science 1
72 9789332529687 Kumar and ali Bharatiya Rajneetik Chintan Political Science 1
73 9781306121279 Payne Global Issues Political Science 4
74 9781292076966 Powell Comparative Politics Today: A World View Political Science 11
75 9781282652569 Priyam Human Rights, Gender and Environment Political Science 1
76 9789390325276 Roy & Singh Indian Political Thought, 3e Political Science 3
77 9789352868865 Roy; Singh Indian Political System, 4e Political Science 4
78 9789353064716 Shefali Jha Western Political Thought, 2/e Political Science 2
79 9789332504783 Singh Bharatiya Prashasan (Hindi) Political Science 1
80 9781299445048 Singh The Indian Political System Political Science 1
81 9789386873972 Singh Indian Political Thought , 2/e Political Science 2
82 9789332529694 Hoshiar Singh & Pradeep Lok Prashasan : Siddhant Evam Vyavhar Public Administration 1
83 9789332578807 Mishra;Dhameja Public Administration : Approaches and Applications Public Administration 1
84 9781299446403 Sachdeva Local Government in India Public Administration 1
85 9788131775936 Singh Public Administration: Theory and Practice Public Administration 1
86 9781299444652 Singh; Singh Indian Administration Public Administration 1

Sage E-Library

Subscribed E-Books from Sage Publication can be accessed through GMN College IP (Campus-wide IP Based Access only). Firstly, Users must connect their Laptop/Computer/Mobile through College IP via College WiFi (within the College campus) OR visit the Jaswant Rai Memorial Electronic Library/Computer Labs of the Department of Computer Sc. in the College Campus to access the Sage E-Books. Secondly, visit the then click on the "LIBRARY" on the Top Left panel of the webpage, you will see all the subscribed E-books there (See the Image Below).

Link to access (Accessible through College IP):

List of E-Books

S. No. ISBN Subject Area Title Author
1 9789386042217 History An Introduction to the Study of Indian History, 2e Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi
2 9789386042255 History Social Background of Indian Nationalism, 6e A R Desai
3 9789386446183 Political Science Leftism in India, 1917–1947, 2e Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri
4 9789353283018 Political Science An Introduction to Political Theory Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
5 9789386446947 Political Science International Politics: Concepts, Theories and Issues, 2e Edited by Rumki Basu
6 9788178298818 Political Science Indian Government and Politics Bidyut Chakrabarty & Rajendra Kumar Pandey
7 9789353880156 Political Science Western Political Thought: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Political Scientists Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
8 9788132102250 Political Science Modern Indian Political Thought: Text and Context Bidyut Chakrabarty & Rajendra Kumar Pandey
9 9789386446831 Psychology and Behavioural Sciences An Introduction to Social Psychology Suhas Shetgovekar
10 9789353281847 Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Social Psychology in Everyday Life Sibnath Deb, Anjali Gireesan & Pooja Prabhavalkar
11 9789353882280 Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Understanding Childhood and Adolescence Edited by Namita Ranganathan
12 9789386446138 Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Essential Social Psychology Richard J. Crisp and Rhiannon N. Turner
13 9789386446626 Public Administration Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude in Governance Ranvijay Upadhyay
14 9789352807109 Statistics and Research Methods Statistical Analysis in Simple Steps Using R Kiran Pandya, Prashant Joshi, Smruti Bulsari
15 9789351501336 Statistics and Research Methods Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners, 4e Ranjit Kumar
16 9789351501817 Statistics and Research Methods Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences Banamali Mohanty & Santa Misra
17 9789351508953 Business and Management Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behaviour Chandrani Singh & Aditi Khatri
18 9789351502500 Finance and Accounting Financial Planning: Theory and Practice Sid Mittra, Shailendra Kumar Rai, Anandi P Sahu & Harry Starn, Jr.
19 9788132105077 Finance and Accounting Financial Services in India: Concept and Application Rajesh Kothari
20 9789351508212 Finance and Accounting Financial Management: A Contemporary Approach Rajesh Kothari
21 9789386062765 Marketing Rural Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities Dinesh Kumar & Punam Gupta
22 9789386062734 Marketing Business-to-Business Marketing Ross Brennan, Louise E Canning and Raymond McDowell 
23 9789353883928 Marketing Advertising, Brands and Consumer Behaviour S Ramesh Kumar and Anup Krishnamurthy
24 9789353286651 Operations and Logistics Management Integrated Supply Chain And Logistics Management Baisya, Rajat K.
25 9789352806812 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management International Human Resource Management Srinivas R. Kandula
26 9789352805112 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management Human Resource Management: Concepts, Practices, and New Paradigms Amitabha Sengupta
27 9789352807154 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management Cases in Organizational Behaviour Mathew J. Manimala, V. Vijaya, Ajit Chakravarti
28 9789353286286 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management Compensation Management Sharma, R C and Sulabh Sharma
29 9789352804955 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice R C Sharma & Nipun Sharma
30 9789386062895 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management International Human Resource Management Edited by Anne Wil Harzing and Ashly H. Pinnington
31 9789351500827 Research Methods and Statistics  Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics Andy Field
32 9789386062758 Research Methods and Statistics  Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to Doing Your Research Project Jonathan Wilson

Sage E-Journals

Subscribed E-Journals from Sage Publication can be accessed through GMN College IP (Campus-wide IP Based Access only). Firstly, Users must connect their Laptop/Computer/Mobile through College IP via College WiFi (within the College campus) OR visit the Jaswant Rai Memorial Electronic Library/Computer Labs of the Department of Computer Sc. in the College Campus to access the Sage E-Journals. Secondly, visit the link given with the journal name below for online access to current as well as archived issues.

Link to access (Accessible through College IP) is given against each journal below:

Sr No

Name of Journal

Link to Access






Samajik Vimarsh




Journal of Asian Development Research


Higher Education for the Future














Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs