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World Senior Citizen’s Day

World Senior Citizen’s Day On 14-08-2021 REPORT Department of English in collaboration with NSS Units of the college celebrated World Senior Citizen’s Day at Apna Ghar (old age home) on 14-08-2021. The celebration was organized under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Anju Jain, Head of English Department. The organizers of the programme talked to every person of the old age home and tried to understand their problems. Principal, Dr. Rajpal Singh said on the occasion that Indian culture is a culture of help and support, we should respect every senior citizen at our home as well as outside. The convener of the celebration committee, Dr. Neena said that role of senior citizens is valuable for our country, society and family. NSS programme officer, Dr. Aneesh said the objective behind this celebration is to introduce the students about pain, happy movements and problems of senior citizens in our society. Dr. Amit, Assistant Professor of English said that old persons have solution of every problem of our youth. Various NSS volunteers of the college participated to clean old age home, Apna Ghar. Bed Sheets have distributed among every senior citizen of Apna Ghar. Programme officer of Red Cross Society, sh. Manoj Saini introduced teachers and students of the college to members of old age home, Apna Ghar. NSS volunteers used air fresheners to clean the rooms of old age home in the direction of Dr. Saroj and Dr. Dharmveer Saini. Many blessings and good wishes were given by the members of old age home to the students for future.