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World Civil Defence Day

World Civil Defence Day Report World Civil Defence Day was successfully organized by NCC cadets under the chairmanship of Principal, Dr. Rajpal Singh and under the leadership of Captain Dr. Surender Singh Nain in the premises of Gandhi Memorial National College Ambala Cantonment. On this occasion, the cadets collectively took oath to maintain peace and security in the world. And, also appealed to the common citizen that they all individually and collectively should be committed to this work in maintaining security. In this context, Dr. Rajpal Singh said in his address that NCC is an indicator of discipline and unity. Who is unquestioningly committed to maintaining the dignity and unity of the nation. Today, there is an absolute need for world civil protection at the practical level. Not only India but the whole world needs to make such prior efforts on the ground, there is a need to make vigorous efforts so that an atmosphere of mutual brotherhood and harmony is established among all the nations. Since independence, India has made tireless efforts for world peace and civil security and is playing a leading role in this field even at the present time. In this series, Captain Dr SS Nain, sharing his views on the occasion. He said that NCC's commitment to nation and world security is true. To accomplish this, the cadets will definitely complete this task with their own efforts. In whose future more positive results will be established which is the demand of the present time. 35 NCC cadets were present in this swearing-in program. Along with this, Dr. Sujata, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Manjit Kaur and Dr. Neena were present.