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WORKSHOP ON CAREER AWARENESS REPORT On 15th September 2022, Department of Management and Commerce in collaboration with MEDHA Group organized a workshop on the topic of Career Awareness. More than 100 students from the Department of Management and Department of Commerce took part in it. Mr. Abhishek Verma from MEDHA Group acted as the main speaker in the workshop. Ms. Ashmita Gupta from MEDHA Group was also present during the workshop. The event started with welcome note from Dr. Surender Kundu . He welcomed all the speakers from the MEDHA Group. All the participants and staff present in the workshop. Mr. Verma discussed about the different career opportunity available for students in 21st century. He said major emphasis on the importance of communication & practical skills and discussed these skills in detail. Participants also presented their business ideas via chats. The organizer of workshop Dr. Bharti Vij spoke about the importance of informing the students about the career opportunites present for them. Principal of college Dr. V.K. Jain also wished students a very bright future and gave them his blessings. Dr. Suman Ranga, Dr. Ravneet & Dr. Amita were also present in this workshop .