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Ozone day 2019

In order to make the students aware about the ozone layer depletion and its impact on human life, the department of Botany and zoology has organised "Ozone day 2019" on 16 September 2019. On this occasion, different competitions like poster making, slogan writing and lectures were conducted as a part of celebrations. A total of about 77 students from different streams of the college participated in this function. Dr. Shikha Jaggi, HOD, Zoology department, delivered the lecture on the ozone layer depletion and it's impact on human life. Dr. V.K. Bindal and Dr. S.K. Pandey acted as judge for different events. On this occasion, the students also took a pledge to save our planet Earth. Dr. Kuldeep Yadav, HOD department of Botany motivated the students for not only planting the trees but also to take care of them.