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One-Day International Seminar on World Hindi Day

One-Day International Seminar on World Hindi Day A one-day International Seminar on World Hindi Day was organized by the Hindi Department of Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala under the joint auspices of the Hindi Department, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, in which speakers from Italy, Melbourne, Brisbane spoke on the virtual platform 'Hindi on the Global Platform'. Expressed his views: with special reference to Australia. College Principal Dr. Rohit Dutt said that Hindi language is the language of our identity and existence. We should be proud while using Hindi language. Dr. Pushpa Rani, Chairman, Hindi Department, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, while presiding over the seminar, said that Hindi has become the leader of the languages today. The attraction of Indian culture has also been a major contributor to the popularity of Hindi abroad. Program coordinator Dr. Rajinder Deswal said that the condition of Hindi in foreign lands is quite satisfactory. Hindi is waving its flag outside India. Foreign people no longer experience any difficulty in understanding and speaking Hindi. Guest speakers sketched the Australian environment and talked about the use of Hindi in public places there. People of Indian origin who have migrated from India use only Hindi in the restaurants and cinema halls there. Hindi is being taught continuously in schools, colleges and universities abroad. Hindi is taught as a foreign language from primary education to higher education. Head of the Hindi Department, Dr. Ritu Gupta said that Hindi is the vibration of our heart, Hindi language is the backbone of Indian values. Simplicity and beauty are the lifeblood of Hindi. When foreigners come to India, they use Hindi as their communication language. Dr. Anish said that the dignity and glory of Hindi have been made public at various international conferences. Today the beauty of Hindi can be seen in countries like Surinam, the Netherlands, Japan etc. The program concluded with vote of thanks