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One Day Historical Visit to Kurukshetra

The Department of History, G.M.N. College Ambala Cantt. has organized one day historical visit to Kurukshetra on February 13, 2020 forty-nine students along with two teachers participated in visit. The title of the tour was ‘A Historical Visit to Kurukshetra’. Kurukshetra is mainly famous for “The Mahabharat” war which was fought on this land and also for ‘Bhagwat Gita’ that was preached here during the war. There are many places for which Kurukshetra is famous for, like Braham Sarovar, Dharohar Museum, Sri Krishna Museum, Sheikh Chili’s Tomb, Panorama and Science Center Art. The objects of this education visit were to know about the History of our culture which is preserved in Kurukshetra Museum and to find out the major attraction of this religious place. Firstly, all the students were taken to the ‘Bodh Dhwja’ situated near the fine arts department in North-East region of Kurukshetra University. Dr. Dharamveer Saini (Assistant Prof GMN College) gave a lecture to students about the history of this religious place. He informed the students about the architecture of the ‘Dwaja’. After that the students were taken to the Department of History at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Students were first introduced to the Chairmen of history department, Dr. Amarjit singh did an ‘Orientation Programme’ for the students. He informed the students about the important of History and its scope. He calculated History of different point of view and told the also praised Dr. Dharamveer Saini (Assistant Prof GMN College) while saying that by organizing such a ‘Orientation Programme’ a new convention has come into existence. Such programme are also performed by Oxford University of England. Thereafter, the students were taken to ‘Darohar Museum’ where they were introduced to their cultural heritage which has now non-existent. Then, students were taken to the Tomb of sheikh Chili. The students were instructed by the ‘Guide’ there. He gave information about the remain of ancient and medieval period. A group photograph of the students was also taken there. At last, Lunch was served for the students. It was a very informative and motivational education visit and the students learnt a lot from it. The student’s gratitude Dr. Rajpal Singh (Principal), Dr. Dharamveer Saini, and Ms. Sonia for organizing such positive and educational tour.