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National Webinar on "English Language and Health Literacy: The Need of the Hour"

REPORT OF WEBINAR  A National Webinar was organized on 29 January 2022, under the joint aegis of the Department of English and Physical Education of Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala Cantt under the chairmanship of College Principal Dr. Rajpal Singh, on the theme "English Language and Health Literacy : The Need of the Hour". Initiating the webinar, Dr. Amit Kumar, the Convenor of the webinar, highlighted the outline of the topic and explained the achievements of Keynote speaker,  Dean, Faculty of Education and the Chairman of the Physical Education Department, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Dr. Arvind Malik in detail. College Principal Dr. Rajpal Singh said in his speech that the success of this webinar lies in the fact that Professor Arvind Malik will address everyone on this particular topic as a Keynote speaker. He said that Dr. Malik has thoroughly immense experience in this field and as a result he has chosen the specific issue of health literacy for the students of all streams. Madam Seema Kansal, Officiating Principal of the college, welcomed the keynote speaker in her remarks and told that the details of Dr. Arvind Malik's work experience and achievements are so deep that it cannot be described in such a short time , so it becomes much important for all the participants to listen to his views and grasp the key points. After this, Dr. Anju Jain, Head, Department of English and Co-ordinator of the webinar, while rendering the importance of the subject, said that with the changing times, awareness of health literacy is very necessary in the modern era because it is not related only with one language but with the society and class also. She said that Health literacy is an important link by which a person can easily achieve the goal of progress in life. In the webinar, the keynote speaker, Dr. Arvind Malik while addressing all the participants explained that physical fitness is achieved through exercise, right diet and adequate rest. It is an important part of life. In earlier years, 'fitness' was generally defined as the ability to carry out day-to-day activities without excessive fatigue. He said that with the automation and changes in lifestyle in the present day, physical fitness is now considered healthy and effective in working and leisure activities. He remarked that health literacy is considered a kind of measurement of one's ability and capacities. Dr. Arvind Malik, encouraged all the participants through various PPT slides, and said that if you want to take the knowledge of English language to the advanced level with commitment, then to achieve it, you need to develop the health literacy skills. Then, Dr. Anshu Chaudhary provided an opportunity to all the participants to ask any question and factor related to the subject. Thereafter, Mrs. Kamlesh, Co-convenor of the webinar delivered a vote of thanks to all the participants and the chief guest. The contribution of Sh. Brijesh Gupta, Co-cordinator of the webinar and Head, Department of Physical Education, in organizing this webinar was highly commendable, who inspired the students of all streams to join it. The role of Mr. Shyam Raheja as Technical assistant was remarkable. More than 220 participants registered themselves in this webinar and this event proved to be helpful for knowledge enhancement of all the participants.