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Hindi Varnmala distribution

Hindi Varnmala distribution campaign was conducted by Hindi Department G.M.N College, Ambala Cantonment, on 7th September, 2021. The Department under the promotion campaign of Hindi, in which Hindi alphabet pictures and small booklets were given to the primary and needy students. College students also taught him to pronounce letters. College Vice Principal Dr. V.K. Jain said that the purpose behind the distribution of Hindi characters is to make the next generation aware of the mother tongue. Program coordinator Dr. Anish said that Hindi is not only a language but is the backbone of Indian culture. The expression of personal feelings is as complex in others as it can be in one's own language. Head of Hindi Department, Dr. Ritu Gupta said that we have to sow the seeds of attachment towards mother tongue in their hearts from adolescence so that they feel proud about Hindi. Dr. Rajinder Deswal said that our mouth becomes active at the time of pronunciation of Hindi language characters. Therefore Hindi is a scientific language and such courses should bet done for our school students at the school level itself so that they are familiar with the nature of Hindi by the time they reach the college.