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Group discussion on 'Hindi Cinema and Youth'

Group discussion on 'Hindi Cinema and Youth' was organized by G.M.N. College, Department of Hindi, M.O.U Rashtra Bhasha Vichar Manch in which various participants explained the background of Hindi cinema and presented the role of youth. . College Principal Dr. Rohit Dutt said that the young and new generation considers Hindi cinema as their ideal, so the role of cinema should be positive and inspirational. Program coordinator Dr. Rajendra Deswal said that Hindi cinema or television plays an important role in changing the mindset of the youth so their role should not be aggressive and violent. Head of the Department Dr. Ritu Gupta said that Hindi literature has been being filmed for the last several decades and all those characters are seen setting some or the other ideal. Dr. Anish Kumar told that the modern generation considers the young generation shown in cinema as their ideal, but the young generation should consider only those who play their role with the concept of national and patriotism.