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comprehensive career counseling lecture focused on career opportunities in public sector.

On March 15, 2024, GMN College organized a comprehensive career counseling lecture focused on career opportunities in public sector. The event was conducted by Mahendra Education Pvt Ltd, a renowned organization in the field of education. The lecture aimed to enlighten students about career prospects in the public sector and provide guidance on preparing for competitive exams. The lecture was led by esteemed faculty members from Mahendra Education Pvt Ltd: 1. *Jyoti Sharma* (GK Faculty) 2. *Satveer Dhiman* (Mathematics Faculty and Manager) 3. *Rajeev Sharma* (Reasoning Faculty) The presence of faculty members specializing in different subjects ensured a well-rounded perspective on the topic. The lecture commenced with an introduction to the importance of career counseling and the vast array of opportunities available in the public sector. Jyoti Sharma, Satveer Dhiman, and Rajeev Sharma elaborated on various career paths and the prerequisites for success in public sector exams. A total of 57 students attended the lecture, demonstrating significant interest in exploring career options in the public sector. Among the distinguished guests present were Dr. Krishan Kumar, Dr. Anuradha Sheokand and Dr. Neha. Throughout the lecture, strategies and techniques for preparing for competitive exams were elaborated upon in detail. The faculty members provided insights into effective study plans, time management strategies, and tips for cracking examinations in subjects such as General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Reasoning. The session concluded with Dr. Neha delivering a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the speakers for their valuable guidance. The lecture proved to be highly informative and beneficial for the students, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and resources to pursue careers in the public sector. In summary, the career counseling lecture organized by GMN College in collaboration with Mahendra Education Pvt Ltd served as a valuable platform for students to explore and prepare for opportunities in the public sector. Such initiatives play a crucial role in empowering students to make informed career choices and achieve success in their endeavors.