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Celebration Safe-Motherhood Day at Anganwadi Centre

Department of English, Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala Cantt. in collaboration with Civil Hospital, Ambala Cantt. celebrated Safe-Motherhood Day at Anganwadi Centre, Lal Kurti, Ambala Cantt. on April 11, 2022. Dr. Joginder and Dr. Princey from Civil Hospital, Ambala Cantt. were the resource persons on the occasion. 30 students participated enthusiastically in the programme. On this occasion, Dr. Joginder spread awareness about the importance of hygiene among the pregnant ladies and lactating mothers visiting the Anganwadi Centre. He advised the ladies to include fresh fruits, vegetables, fibre rich diet full of minerals and vitamins so as to maintain healthy dietary habits during pregnancy and lactation phase. He said that poor diet of the mother leads to poor growth of the child. Dr. Princey urged the ladies to take small, frequent meals at regular intervals so as to promote digestion. Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari, Convenor of the programme, highlighted the significance of yoga during pregnancy. She advised the pregnant and lactating mothers to take iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin supplements daily for better health of both mother and the baby. On this occasion, Mrs. Kamlesh, Dr. Jyoti Sorout and Dr. Anshu Chaudhary also distributed baby wrapping towels among the ladies visiting the Anganwadi Centre. Principal of the college, Dr. Raj Pal Singh congratulated Dr. Amit Kumar, H.o.D. and all the faculty members of the Department of English for organizing the activity successfully. He said that healthy and safe motherhood results in healthy nation. On this occasion, Dr. Amit Kumar, Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari, Dr. Jyoti Sorout, Dr. Anshu Chaudhary and Dr. Neena lauded the efforts of the students who made the programme possible with their enthusiastic participation.