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Campaign on Practical use of Hindi

A new campaign was initiated by Gandhi Memorial National College, Hindi Department on 4th September 2021 to implement the practical use of Hindi, in which the professors of the Hindi Department together with their students put up posters for the excessive use of mother tongue Hindi in public places and to encourage the general public. Alerted about the ease, scientificity and sweetness of Hindi language. College Principal Dr. Rajpal Singh while congratulating the Hindi Department for this new initiative of the Hindi Department said that mother tongue, mother cuisine and mother land are always respected. Today the world has invoked Hindi and made it the language of its production. The students of the college appealed to the bank's managers, railway station s superintendents, post office directors to promote Hindi language in their work areas. Convener of the program Dr. Anish said that Hindi is the language of culture as well as the language of business. And we should adopt it proudly. Dr. Ritu Gupta, Head of Hindi Department said that today Hindi is dominant even outside Hindi and we should pronounce it with great pride. Dr. Rajinder Deswal said that today the application of Hindi is increasing even in technical forums.