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Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp Report Dated: 29.01.2020 Alumni Association of the college in association with Department of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh organized a Blood Donation Camp in the college on Jan. 29, 2020. Ms. Anjali Wadhawan, President, Alumni Association and Mr. A.S. Mahajan, Member, College Governing Body inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp before Goddess Saraswati. In her address, Ms. Wadhawan encouraged the blood donors by saying that blood is the most priceless gift one can give to others for saving precious human life. She highlighted the point that by donating blood, the volunteers would do a great social service to the humanity. College Principal, Dr. Raj Pal Singh, thanked the team of doctors from PGIMER, Chandigarh. Then he informed the volunteers about medical technology which used centrifugal force to separate the components of blood – red blood cells, platelets and plasma – from each other thereby saving lives of many persons with one person’s blood. Dr. Singh urged the volunteers to take inspiration from teachers like Mr. Y.M. Saini, Mr. Satish Moudgil and Dr. S.K. Pandey who had donated blood 104, 15 and 13 times respectively. On this occasion, Mr. Lalit Chaudhary, Mr. Naveen Mittal, Mr. Harpal Singh, Dr. K.K. Jain, Dr. S.K. Pandey, Dr. V.K. Bindal, Mr. Brijesh Gupta, Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Jyoti Sorout were also present to motivate the volunteers. Total 93 units of blood were donated in the camp. Principal