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Awareness movement on digital transactions by NCC Unit

NCC wings of the college organized an awareness movement on digital transactions under outreach program planned by NCC on the recommendations of IQAC. The program organised in Govt. High School, village Ugara, Ambala in which students, teachers, members of Gram Panchayat and the villagers participated in a huge number. The NCC cadets presented powerpoint presentation in the school campus on the following Topics: 1. How to create an account for Net banking 2. How to transfer money from one account to other account using net banking 3. How to make payment using Debit card 4. How to create an account in IRCTC 5. How to book railway ticket online on IRCTC website 6. How to use e-wallets for various transactions The presentations were highly discussed by the students. The Gram Panchayat offered refreshments to NCC cadets after the program. The NCC cadets also visited R.O. Plant and library of the village.