GMN College of Nursing

G .M. N.College of Nursing (GMNCN), a premier college of nursing, aims to achieve excellence in nursing education, practice, and research that meets national and international standards. The programs run by college are designed to keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare industry & its environment, where healthcare is envisioned as an integrated three-dimensional model – education, research, and service.

Courses being conducted at our nursing college in Ambala Cantt, Haryana prepares students to become nurses that are expert clinicians at the bedside. Students are also introduced to initial preparations in nursing education and administration. Our focus remains on preparing the students to assume leadership roles in nursing clinical practice, administration, teaching, and research.

The college offers diverse resources for the mind, body & soul and enough flexibility for nursing students to explore in their own distinctive way. Soft skill development comprises of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a social environment. Besides, students are provided with ample opportunities to exhibit their talents in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. In addition, team spirit, leadership quality, time management, and decision-making skills are given focused attention for the overall personality development of students.                                                                                                                                


  1. To meet the acute shortage of qualified Nursing personnel in the country, especially Haryana state.
  2. To promote and strengthen the Nursing skills for better competence in the Nursing profession in general and patient care in particular.
  3. To produce Nurse Administrators and educators in the Hospital and in community for better implementation of National Health Programmes.
  4. To provide qualified nurses to the country to cope with advancement in Medical Science and Technology.
  5. To enable them to get job opportunities at economically better positions.



To impart qualitative value-based Nursing education in the context of ever changing scenario so as to develop professionals to cater the need of a healthy society.


1. To pursue and disseminate knowledge of Nursing with commitment to all the sections of society.

2. To create and provide opportunity for the overall development of students that can transform the society too.

3. To evolve skilled human resource of higher caliber to meet the global needs of nursing professionals.

4. To revive high ideal of student-teacher relationship so as to inspire the youth to have yearning for acquiring knowledge and professional skills.

5. To imbibe the ideals of Gandhian Philosophy amongst the youth in order to instill in their minds high moral values, instinct for social justice, awareness and equality.

6. To uplift the mind, body and soul of the new generation of the society.


• B.Sc Nursing ( 4 year Program)
• GNM ( 2 year Program)